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Kumadori Sushi

Best Sushi Restaurant in Glendale

Are you curious to find out where the best sushi restaurant in Glendale can be found? At Kumadori Sushi, where the festive spirit of Glendale and the genuine essence of Japan come together, your adventure will conclude. At our restaurant, each sushi roll is a journey into a gastronomic paradise, carefully produced by our master chefs. Each roll is an adventure into a gourmet paradise. Here, creativity and tradition are brought together in a single dish.

Fresh Seafood in USA

Discover our Japanese Sushi restaurant in Glendale and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that elevates each meal into a remarkable gastronomic encounter. Kumadori Sushi serves as more than a mere dining establishment, functioning as a communal centre where individuals may congregate to partake in the finest Japanese cuisine and receive hospitable service while commemorating significant life events.


On nights when you want to stay in, we have the Best Sushi Delivery Restaurants in Glendale for you. With our delivery service, you may have the same fast, efficient, and always delicious dining experience as at Kumadori Sushi without ever leaving your house.


Immerse yourself in the epitome of sushi excellence. Please visit Kumadori Sushi to partake in an unparalleled gastronomic experience.


About Us

Sushi Dish
Fresh Seafood in the USA

Kumadori sushi restaurant is located in the heart of Glendale, CA that serves the quality sushi made with fresh ingredients daily.

Over the years, Kumadori sushi has grown and expanded its delectable menu. 

We want to treat every customer as our friends and family. We will offer a casual and comfortable atmosphere and excellent food at a reasonable price.

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